Window Contractors in Cleveland Ohio

Window Contractors – Three Questions to Ask

“EZ Window Services is an affordable, reliable, and fast growing window installation business in Cleveland OH. We are known for our hassle free and quick window installation estimates delivered directly to clients within just 1 hour. No pressure, no pricing games. It is meant to just be an easy procedure that is why we really stand out from all our competitors. Getting a window replacement or door installation estimate most often involves a salesman visiting your house to measure your existing windows and then show you their new product.

Window Contractors in Cleveland Ohio


But, what many home owners are not aware of, until it actually happens, is that the high pressure tactics utilized to get you to sign onto the dotted line are exactly what will keep you from getting your money’s worth. In fact, a well-known Ohio window contractor has been cited multiple times by the Ohio Department of Commerce for his illegal sales techniques. According to the news reports; “He [the window contractor] gave a speech on a ‘job well done’ note. Then he presented a slide containing various prices for various window services. Customers were asked if they were really interested in signing on with him; only when he had reached the top of the slide did the real sales pitch kick in.”


You’ll never sign a contract with a window contractor unless it clearly lays out in black and white how much money they are going to charge. Your right – after all, you are the customer – but you need to be informed as to what you will have to pay in order to close a deal with a window contractor in your area. In fact, most states have some type of consumer protection laws in place that require licensed dealers to clearly spell out their pricing in their advertisements.


What many people don’t realize, however, is that these laws have nothing to do with the quality of work that the window contractor provides. State regulators – not federal regulators – determine the cost of window installations in your area. They don’t care how long the Contractor has been in business or whether he is a member of the NARI, the National Association of the Self-Employed, or some other prestigious organization. Once the initial big name is checked, who’s the next door? A highly qualified, experienced window contractor with family roots in the community and who has provided quality work for his clients for years will garner more respect and patronage than an off the wall, over-the-top sales guy who has a flashy car and fancy office.


Next, be sure to find out about any certifications a window contractor may have. A certifying agent can be contacted by phone or by letter, to gain more knowledge about a window installation business. Another important detail to find out about is the licensing requirements of a window contractor in your area. Some states require window installation businesses to be registered with the state, while others do not. Be sure to check with the window contractor you are thinking of working with to see if his business holds the proper permits and to find out if the contractor is licensed.


Finally, be sure to ask what kind of warranties the window installer offers. You certainly don’t want to find yourself with a major problem after the house is built because the defective part was discovered after the home was already under construction. Be sure that the window company has replacement parts in stock and will replace a faulty part at no additional cost to you. You also want to inquire as to the insurance policy and procedures for receiving compensation if your house is damaged by a defective part made by the contractor you’re considering.

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