Popular Medicinal Herbs – A Useful Guide

Today more than ever before natural remedies are becoming a vital and important part of people’s lives. Here are some popular medicinal herbs with a proven ability to enhance health. Note that while many of these herbs have not been scientifically validated or tested, they do provide real benefit based on the experiences of others. Always consult with your healthcare provider when embarking on any herbal or dietary supplement regimen. Also note that there may be certain interactions when taking medicinal herbs with relation to various foods, medicines, supplements or even other herbs. Here are some key medicinal herbs worth considering.


This popular herb is known for its ability to bring on relaxation while also reducing anxiety. In many parts of the world, the herb chamomile has been shown to reduce swelling and inflammation. In most instances it is prepared as a tea and can even be used in the form of a compress. The FDA classifies this herb as completely safe. Chamomile can cause drowsiness in some cases and may interact with certain traditional medicines.


This well known herbal supplement has earned a reputation for its ability to fight infection, as well as treat the common cold and flu. It has proven effective in preventing in addition to shortening the course of a typical cold. Those with upper respiratory infections may find that Echinacea is a good remedy. The only indication of an allergic reaction to this herb is for those who are sensitive or allergic to plants in the daisy family. This includes such plants as marigolds and ragweed as well as others.


Considered to be an incredibly powerful herb for reducing the effects of motion sickness and easing nausea, ginger is a well-known excellent herbal remedy. Even those who are pregnant or going through chemotherapy gain benefit from ginger and its ability to relieve nausea. The herb boasts powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant related benefits. Some uncommon side effects of taking ginger include mild nausea, heartburn as well as possible gas and bloating.


Gingko is an herb that is typically found in the form of a leaf extract. From the hearing condition known as tinnitus to fatigue and asthma as well as even bronchitis, the Gingko leaf is a proven remedy. It is sometimes used to reduce the effects of dementia while also being able to improve memory and even target various other types of brain disorders. While the seeds of the plant are toxic, it is the leaves that provide the true medicinal herbal benefits. Note that this herbal remedy should not be used in conjunction with anti-inflammatory traditional medicines’ as it may increase the risk of bleeding.
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Often referred to as a natural aphrodisiac, ginseng is considered a vitality type medicinal herb that can also benefit the body in terms of a general cure-all. Note that some side effects have been identified when using ginseng. This can include everything from elevated blood pressure to tachycardia.. While the herb is identified as safe by the FDA, it should not be used in combination with anti-inflammatory drugs. Those with diabetes should avoid the use of ginseng.


Commonly used to treat irritations of the skin and eyes as well as diarrhea, goldenseal is an excellent natural antiseptic. While not proven, the herb is said to be effective at treating colds.. The herb contains a plant alkali known as berberine. This is a particular plant alkaloid with a history of being used in Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic. Goldenseal is commonly tasked to treat diarrhea and should be avoided in high doses as it may become toxic.

Saw Palmetto

Often used as an excellent treatment for urinary tract infections as well as prostate related problems, saw palmetto has many applications for those seeking medicinal herbal remedies. Note that there may be some side effects with the use of this herbal remedy including everything from mild headaches to an upset stomach. Saw palmetto is one of the more popular herbal medicines for treating enlarged prostate.


This medicinal herb has excellent application in the treatment of anxiety and insomnia. Valerian is frequently offered as a genuine sleep aid without side effects. While there is no medical or scientific proof of this fact, large numbers of people report outstanding results with this herb as a way to reduce anxiety and mitigate the effects of sleeplessness. This herbal medicine is sometimes used to flavor soda like root beer and other types of food. With this medicinal herb and others always consult with your healthcare provider before beginning a regimen.