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Diabetes is nothing to be ashamed of. There is no blame. The diagnosis of diabetes is a turning poin

Diabetes is nothing to be ashamed of. There is no blame. The diagnosis of diabetes is a turning point in our lives and we have the choice to decide the path we will take with it. Let it be a wake-up call to a healthier, energetic life. A life embracing balance, wise food choices and plenty of physical activity is a life well lived.

Over time diabetes can change just as our bodies change as we get older. Sometimes it is difficult to stick with our diabetes management program as a result of boredom, or the simple fact that what we are doing is no longer working for us. At times like these we need to be creative and seek alternatives. This may mean alternative foods or activities. New or different activities can often provide the spark that helps us to feel alive again and sustain the strength that we need to continue to manage our diabetes just as well as ever. Don’t be afraid to seek out guidance if you need it. Guidance can come from a diabetes nurse educator, a dietician, your doctor, your spouse or a close friend. 

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